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                                                                                                     Where to search for tiger pugmarks
Search along:
1. Dusty or damp ground.
2. Forest paths and roads.
3. Animal trails.
4. River and stream beds.
5. Near water holes.
6. Dry nala beds.
7. In the vicinity of natural salt licks.

Normally, tigers and leopards avoid going through bushes with thorns or those laden with water ordew. These are cats, after all!

As soil conditions dictate the quality of pugmarks formed, the ideal would be to lift pugmarks made in similar soil conditions. This is never possible under natural circumstances as the soil conditions vary substantially in different parts of the same forest. This problem is overcome through the creation of man-made Pug Impression Pads (PIPs).

                                                                                                        Importance of stride measurement
􀂉  Stride measurements help in distinguishing between tigers with similar size pugmarks.
􀂉 The length of stride helps in distinguishing pugmarks made by tiger cubs from those made by adult leopards.
How to measure?
􀂉 Select a walk sequence where the tiger has moved at normal speed.
􀂉 Select two consecutive hind pugmarks for measurements.
􀂉 Measure the distance between the hind left to the next hind left or hind right to the next hind right.
􀂉 Hold zero-end of measuring tape at the front tip of the pad of the first pugmark. Stretch the tape to the tip of the pad
of the second pugmark. 

􀂉 Record distance in cms.
􀂉 Distance between left and right pugmark gives the length of the step.