​Leopard - have a pattern that looks flower like — called rosettes — in large numbers with a slightly different color inside.

Cheetah  : No rosettes here, the Cheetahs have solid, evenly-distributed spots.

The term "panther", is a generic term used to describe several large cats. The leopard, cougar, and jaguar are all called panthers by some. There is no species called panther in itself.

  LEOPARDS IN MUDUMALAI | Greenwoods Nature Camp | Lodging in Mudumalai | Accommodation near Bandipur

Wildlife enthusiasts coming for lodging in Mudumalai, always wish to see the main attraction of the jungle - wild cats i.e Tiger and Leopard. ​

​​Leopards sightings are frequent in Mudumalai National Park and the guests from Greenwoods Nature Camp, lodging in Mudumalai and accommodation near Bandipur have spotted leopards during jeep and van safari. Many visitors to Mudumalai and Bandipur mistakenly refer Leopards as Cheetah's. Cheetah's don't live in Mudumalai wild life sanctuary and Bandipur wild life sanctuary. Cheetah's are usually seen in African forests. 

Some facts on Leopards to understand this amazing wild cat are  :-

   1. Leopards are nocturnal wild cats which can easily make them undetectable even while living proximate to human settlements. 

   2. Length of the Indian leopard is anywhere between one meters and two meters.

​   3. Average weight of leopard is between 30 kg and 70 kg (65 lbs to 155 lbs).

   4. Leopards have a heavy and sturdy body and their head is larger in proportion to their body.

   5. The coat of a leopard is covered with rosettes and they can climb trees with effortless ease. 

   6. Leopards are very good swimmers, but lead a solitary life.

​​   7. Occasionally, one can find them roaming in a group of 3 to 4 animals.

   8. They have an acute sense of hearing, along with sharp eyesight. 

   9. Leopards are carnivores and eat almost every animal, ranging from monkeys to reptiles to fish. 

 10. Leopards give birth to 2-3 cubs at a time, out of which 1 or 2 survive in most of the cases.

 11. Three months after being born, the cubs start joining their mother in hunts and live with her for the next 18 to 24 months.​

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Difference between Cheetah and Leopard